QuarkXPress v10.1 Free Full Download with Serial Key

QuarkXPress v10.1 Free Full Download with Serial Key


QuarkXPress 10 is a major upgrade with a lot of new code and some 50 new or modified features. For big improvements in version 10, Quark chose to take on graphics display and handling. Quark 10 is now ready for action on all levels of media creation for the foreseeable future. The application works with advertising, brochures, magazines, books and newspapers and can also create applications, digital magazines and eBooks for tablets.

QuarkXPress v10.1 Free Full Download with Serial Key

QuarkXPress v10.1 Free Full Download with Serial Key

Software review:

The first thing most users will notice, especially more experienced ones, is a completely redesigned user interface with updated an reorganised new grey colour scheme and the on-screen palettes. Some additional benefits arrive with the new Xenon graphics engine: other page items such as gradients, blends and patterns also now look pixel-perfect, and Quark XPress 10 can manipulate TIFF color channels and clipping paths directly. Thus, with the Xenon Graphics Engine, saving does not have to go to disk; text remains text; vectors remain vectors; and images stay as they are without being baked into RGB.

Another clever graphics refinement is that transparency within imported PDFs now still works within XPress and interacts with native transparent objects and importing from Word documents is improved, with preservation of embedded images and live hyperlinks.

Quark has also rolled out a QR code generator in Quark Xpress 10, allowing users to create codes directly within the software with support for text QR codes such as URLs, SMS and vCards. The QR Code picture box contains native QuarkXPress rectangles, so you can resize the QR Code without losing clarity, and you can change its color by using the standard color controls in QuarkXPress. If you’re already an XPress 8 or 9 user, there’s a lot in 10 to persuade you to upgrade to version 10 and enjoy completely new QuarkXPress experience.

Software information:

Developer: Quark
Release Date: March 1st, 2014.
Crack Type: QuarkXPress 10 Serial Key
Size: 292 MB
PLATFORM: Windows All

How to install QuarkXPress v10.1 Free Full Download with Serial Key:

Install instructions:
1. Unpack and install
2. Run keygen and generate a serial
3. Enjoy!

How to download QuarkXPress v10.1 Free Full with Serial Key:

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